Say what you want, but this year’s been quite a ride. Bikologi got rolling for real in February, and we ain’t slowing down. We said goodbye to Kelly McGarry and Stevie Smith, to name just a few of the good people we lost too early. We had ripping times with great friends and did our share of shredding at a few places we’d dreamed of hitting. It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re grateful for everything. So to send it off with a bang, here’s a couple of edits that got us fired up this year. Stay safe and keep it pinned in 2017.

Bryn Atkinson, Outta Bounds in Cairns, Australia
Deity: Break Loose with David McMillan
Fast As Fuck – Overly Gassed vol 1
Deity: Brakeless In Virgin with Cody Gessel
Remy Morton 2016
50to01 – The Green Zone